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Our customers are found in all sectors: private business, municipality, county, state, associations and organizations. Common to all customers is an extensive business that often requires a lot of energy, handles foreign transactions or other complex transactions.

”Lindfalken helped us reviewing electrical certificates and tax. We saved about 1.5 million Swedish kronor, which is a lot of money for us.

We have no such in-house capability. It’s difficult to keep such specific expertise in any company.

I am really satisfied with Lindfalken’s contributions. They are nice, transparent and easy to work with. Their reports were clear and easy to understand. Moreover, it basically took no time from us. They did the job, and that was it. Exactly as smooth as you would like it to be”

Hans Peter Olsson, Managing Director, Rindi Älvdalen AB
Runs pellet factories in Älvdalen and Vansbro
+46 281-71512

”Lindfalken helped us reduce our costs for electricity tax. We got back around a million dollars from their analysis. In addition, they helped us pursue a case against the Tax Agency that we won, against all odds. Lindfalken also helped us reduce future costs by ensuring that we are properly classified at our energy supplier.

I think Lindfalken is an incredibly capable company. They really deliver according to their promises. Furthermore, they are nice, committed and easy to work with.

Without Lindfalken, we wouldn’t have made this analysis. It’s impossible to keep such expertise in our own organization.”

Pierre Nyström, Environmental and Quality Manager,
Lantz Järn och Metall AB
Manages, processes and recycles precious
metals from scrap metal. Based in Sollentuna.
+46 70-687 02 11